About Us

Post-Gallery is a nonprofit art space, opened in 2011. The gallery was first located in Tallinn, Estonia, but soon developed into a travelling contemporary art space with no permanent address.


Since its opening, Post-Gallery's aim has been to promote artists and their work through exhibitions and screenings in various locations and spaces. The gallery promotes established and younger emerging artists both in Estonia and internationally. Post-Gallery is an art platform for sharing and creating contemporary propositions without borders. A space exists only for the artist and the exhibition of the given time and it does not keep any records of the past. This allows the gallery to act as an independent multidisciplinary platform committing itself only for the current.


  • nonprofit
  • art space
  • contemporary
  • independent







Upcoming exhibition

Robin Ellis Meta "New Year, New me"



Post-Gallery invites Estonian artist Robin Ellis Meta (born in 1989) for a new solo show "New Year, New Me" to Antwerp, Belgium for the first time.


Robin Ellis Meta's work is influenced by critical Instagram documentary photography and vlogging. "New Year, New Me" is another research of exploratory archive materials and publications. The exhibition’s format deals with topics like cyber-loneliness, creation in the digitalized world and avatar based virtual identities. Meta expresses the last through finished and unfinished visuals, by creating a correlation that loses all need for a finished end product. Meta’s work is an ongoing site-specific process.